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A little while ago now, the lovely Emma wrote about her 2014 'best bits' and encouraged others, myself included, to do the same. When I started thinking about what my highlights of the past year had been, I quickly realised that my ill health and the moments of heartbreak associated with it were by far outshone by the countless magical memories I had made.

I decided to jot them down and surprised myself with how many I came up with. My magic moments ranged from getting out of bed on certain days to meeting our friends' beautiful baby and watching one of my best friends get married.
Rather than list everything in this post, I thought I would pick just one thing that I was especially grateful for throughout 2014 and attempt to do it the justice it deserves. The thing I've chosen is my friendship with Sophia.

I met Sophia about six years ago when we both started our training to become Speech and Language Therapists. Throughout our time at University we were not particularly close but it was always lovely to have a chat with her when out and about or in and around lectures. It was only when we both fell ill that we began speaking more.

Sophia's support over the last year has been incredible and meant so much to me. At every setback she's been there with words of encouragement and reassurance and with every achievement she's felt like my own personal cheerleader. Being able to talk openly and honestly about the day-to-day realities of being full time poorly with someone who completely understands has been invaluable.

One of the things that inspires me most about Sophia is the way in which she has turned her incredibly challenging circumstances into an opportunity. Since falling ill, Sophia has been exploring the use of food as medicine and written a blog about her experiences. Almost every day she posts a beautiful photo of her latest culinary creation to her Instagram and is constantly adding new recipes to her ever growing repertoire. Seeing her using creativity to bring positivity to her days frequently brightens mine and reminds me that so much is possible despite the limitations chronic illness brings.

I hope with every bit of me that this year brings better health for Sophia and that I am able to be even half the friend to her that she has been to me.

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