Wednesday, 10 February 2016


I'm very excited to share the first in a series of interviews I will be conducting with people who inspire me.

Today's inspirational lady is Pippa Stacey, founder of Spoonie Survival Kits.

Pippa's non-profit fundraising organisation does an incredible job in raising money and awareness for chronic and invisible illnesses. By selling 'little bags of happiness' not only do Pippa and her volunteers remind spoonies (chonic illness sufferers) that they 'can do this' but they support charities which aim to improve the situations of thousands suffering from long-term debilitating illnesses.

Pippa manages this rapidly growing organisation and its online community while facing multiple health problems and completing a demanding university degree. I can't even imagine how challenging it must be. I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for Pippa's drive, determination and unconquerable kindness.

Find out more about Spoonie Survival Kits and order a 'little bag of happiness' here.

Having spoken to Pippa online for a while, I had the pleasure not too long ago of meeting her in person. She was every bit as lovely as I hoped she would be. Below are the answers she gave to a few questions I had to ask her.


What are you most proud of?

I'm most proud of Spoonie Survival Kits and how it's grown. It was only intended to be a little bit of fundraising so for it to take off and become a full blown non-profit initiative has been bewildering in the best possible way! It can be a lot of work, especially with temperamental health and on top of a university degree, so I consider the running and constant growth of it as one of my biggest personal achievements.

Who / what do you look to for inspiration?

A lot of my inspiration comes from Spoonie Survival Kits too, namely the people who are involved in the project. As soon as I began sharing the initiative, I had so many people with chronic illnesses spreading the word, putting themselves forward and wanting to know what they could do to help in spite of their own struggles. That's what inspires me the most; people showing others endless kindness regardless of their circumstances, and that's something I now aim to do every single day.

When chronic illness feels like a bit of a cloud, what's your silver lining?

I can think of many silver linings but there's one that stands out above all others and if you know me at all, you'll know it's onesies. Onesies are magical creations and I must own them ALL, particularly if they resemble any kind of animal. Pyjamas and fluffy socks are a must too, and the biggest silver lining of chronic illness for me is that it's completely socially acceptable to own as many as possible. Seriously, if I haven't already got the point across, onesies are the way forward in life.

What would your advice be to someone who has recently fallen ill?

If I could give any piece of advice to someone who has just fallen ill, it would be this: don't deny your illness. It can be tempting at the beginning to do the whole 'THIS CONDITION CHANGES NOTHING AND I AM A COMPLETELY INVINCIBLE LITTLE SPOONIE WHO CAN DO ANYTHING' and run 23469373 miles and do a squillion new things and run for prime minister and so on. But trust me, this mindset doesn't work. Take some time to understand the situation, learn your body's limitations, start small and build it up as and when you can. And that's when you become a real invincible little Spoonie who can do anything.

Places you can find Pippa

Places you can find Spoonie Survival Kits



  1. Thank you both for this iterview! Faye, your questions are so thoughtful and precise. And though I "know" Pippa only through Instagram, she always amazes me with her attitude and drive. Can't even imagine how is it possible to lead "Spoonie Survival kits" while being chronically ill and studying...I can only respect Pippa and remove my hat:)

    1. Thank YOU Polina for your lovely comment. Pippa is incredibly impressive isn't she? It was such a pleasure to share her answers :)

  2. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful interview. Pippa you are amazing with what you do :)


    1. So glad you enjoyed it Donna. I loved sharing Pippa's answers

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