Hello and a great big thank you for dropping by!

My name is Faye Savory and among other things I'm....

Chief Sender of Hugs at my social enterprise BearHugs

A Prince's Trust Young Ambassador and Mentor

A huge advocate for part-time, flexible working opportunities for people with chronic illness

A lover of the little things in life

This website is where I share my 'behind the scenes'.

 I first started this blog when I fell ill in my early twenties and was no longer able to work. I used it as a platform to raise awareness of chronic 'invisible' illness and to connect with others who could understand and relate to my newfound situation. Writing about the challenges illness brought on helped me to process them and began to give me back the sense of purpose I had lost when I resigned from my job as a Speech and Language Therapist.

At my most poorly, I spent the majority of my time in a dark room tolerating noise, company or mental stimulation for only short periods before needing to return to full rest. Sitting up left me dizzy, chewing food was a challenge and my legs struggled to get me from my bed to the bathroom. I became entirely dependent on others and used a wheelchair on the rare occasions I left the house.I now know that my symptoms are caused by Lyme Disease.

With so much of what I felt had defined me (my work, my hobbies, my social life) stripped away, I felt lost and frightened. Slowly though, I began to relearn what was important to me and started to introduce activities, however small, into my day that would bring me fulfilment. I revisited large-print children's books I had enjoyed when I was younger for a few minutes at a time. I spread an episode of a TV show I loved across a week. I made a bracelet in ten bead bursts. And then as I saw improvement I increased these activities and added in some more. I wrote blog posts and started to sell the jewellery I was making online. Now several years later, I am incredibly fortunate to be doing a fair bit better. While still affected by my health, I manage a lot more with my days and have regained the majority of my independence.

I am now incredibly happy to call myself Chief Sender of Hugs at BearHugs, my 'hug in a box' gift hamper business I started with the support of Prince's Trust in 2015. I am most often found in my in the 'BearHub' in Sheffield, surrounded by my wonderful team (both in person and remotely) who have bought into my mission to spread kindness and  fulfilling and rewarding working opportunities for people affected by chronic illness.

I feel I should stress just how lucky I count myself that this is the case. The progress I have made is a privilege I do not take lightly. Some incredible people I have met with similar conditions are severely affected far longer term. It is important to me therefore that I use this website not only to positively document my current circumstances but also to continue to advocate and raise awareness for those still more acutely affected than myself.

When I share my take on chronic illness on the internet, I by no means feel that I've got it all figured out. Almost everyday I come across new stumbling blocks relating both to my health and simply being a person which I don't always handle as graciously as I'd like. I try to write as honestly and as accurately as I can in my given circumstances and find that doing so keeps me accountable and challenges me to pick apart sticking points. It encourages me to find the positives in my situation and change my behaviour for the better.

I decided a while ago that I wanted this blog to centre around the theme of finding possibility and purpose. When I first fell ill there was a long while when I really struggled to see past my limitations. As time has gone on though I've come to believe that there are always opportunities if you look in the right places and there's a lot of joy to be found in the littlest of things. If this online space could reflect that even the tiniest bit, I would be incredibly happy. 
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